Technical Support for DSPs

Welcome to the GnetRTB technical documentation. Here you will find the help you need to work with us. Integration with GnetRTB is made from the OpenRTB v2.5 protocol.

For more information access: OpenRTB API Specification

The following chart represents a request Exchange-DSP flow. The bid request endpoint must be provided in form integration, avaliable with your account manager. The other ones can be provided both by the same form or in bid response body.


For further informations towards bid request Object, visit Bid Request section.

Integration Form

Technical Informations

To be able to participate in the auctions, we will send you an email with a link where you will be directed to a form. Basically we need the URL information for communication. Only a bid request is mandatory, the others can be sent to each bid response.

Fied Type Mandatory? Notes?
Bid Request URL* String Yes URL for receiving bid requests.
Win Notice URL String No URL for receving win notice if not specified in bid response.
Loss Notice URL String No URL for receving loss notice if not specified in bid response.

Form Configuration

Form Config

Auction Time

We work with the response time limit of 600ms. Bids that exceed this time will be automatically discarded from this auction.

BID Request

Sample Display Bid Request

        "id": "13701437962863", 
        "imp": [
                "banner": {
                "format": [
                "w": "530",
                "h": "280"
                "w": "336",
                "h": "280"
                "w": "300",
                "h": "250"
                "w": "300",
                "h": "250"
                "bidfloor": 0.01,
                "bidfloorcur": "USD",
                "id": "98c68d87-f9cb-411d-8cda-919ce44ae06d"
                "site": {
                "domain": "",
                "id": "1234",
                "name": "",
                "page": ""
                "cur": [
                "device": {
                "devicetype": 2,
                "ext": {
                "is_app": 0
                "ip": "",
                "language": "en",
                "ua": "insomnia/2021.7.2"
                "user": {
                "id": "2847154478",
                "buyeruid": "00000aaaaaa000000bbbbb"
                "bcat": [

OpenRTB API For Bidding

Object: BidRequest
Attribute Usage Sent? Notes
id Supported Always Unique ID of the bid request.
site Supported Always Details via a Site object about the publisher’s website. Only applicable and recommended for websites.
device Supported Always Details via a Device object about the user’s device to which the impression will be delivered.
user Supported Sometimes Details via a User object about the human user of the device; the advertising audience.
cur Supported Sometimes Array of allowed currencies for bids on this bid request using ISO-4217 alpha codes. Recommended only if the exchange accepts multiple currencies.
bcat Supported Sometimes Blocked advertiser categories using the IAB content categories.
Object: Imp
Attribute Usage Sent? Notes
id Supported Always A unique identifier for this impression within the context of the bid request (typically, starts with 1 and increments.
banner Supported Always A Banner object; required if this impression is offered as a banner ad opportunity.
bidfloor Supported Sometimes Minimum bid for this impression expressed in CPM.
bidfloorcur Supported Sometimes Currency specified using ISO-4217 alpha codes. This may be different from bid currency returned by bidder if this is allowed by the exchange.
Object: Imp.Banner
Attribute Usage Sent? Notes
format Supported Sometimes Array of format objects representing the banner sizes permitted. If none are specified, then use of the h and w attributes is highly recommended.
w Supported Sometimes Exact width in device independent pixels (DIPS); recommended if no format objects are specified.
h Supported Sometimes Exact height in device independent pixels (DIPS); recommended if no format objects are specified.
Object: BidRequest.Site
Attribute Usage Sent? Notes
id Supported Always Exchange-specific site ID.
page Supported Always URL of the page where the impression will be shown.
name Supported Sometimes Site name (may be aliased at the publisher’s request).
domain Supported Sometimes Domain of the site (e.g., “”).
cat Supported Sometimes Array of IAB content categories of the site.
mobile Supported Sometimes Mobile-optimized signal, where 0=no, 1=yes.
Object: BidRequest.Device
Attribute Usage Sent? Notes
ua Supported Always Browser user agent string.
ip Supported Sometimes Last octet of the IP address may be suppressed. Typical value=
ipv6 Supported Sometimes Last 4 hextets of IP address may be suppressed. Typical value=2c0f:f8f0:c600:1d19:0:0:0:0
devicetype Supported Always The general type of device.
language Supported Always Browser language using ISO-639-1-alpha-2
Object: BidRequest.Device.Geo
Attribute Usage Sent? Notes
lat Supported Sometimes Latitude from -90.0 to +90.0, where negative is south.
lon Supported Sometimes Longitude from -180.0 to +180.0, where negative is west.
country Supported Sometimes Country code using ISO-3166-1-alpha-3.
city Supported Sometimes City using United Nations Code for Trade & Transport Locations. See Appendix A for a link to the codes.
region Supported Sometimes Region code using ISO-3166-2; 2-letter state code if USA.
zip Supported Sometimes Zip or postal code
typ Supported Sometimes Source of location data; recommended when passing lat/lon.
Object: BidRequest.User
Attribute Usage Sent? Notes
id Supported Sometimes Exchange-specific ID for the user. At least one of id or buyeruid is recommended.
buyeruid Supported Sometimes Supported when VMX hosts the match table
ext.consent Supported Sometimes IAB Consent string provided when the request is subject to GDPR.
ext.eid Supported Sometimes Source “” and associated provided when the Publisher and DSP are integrated with LiveRamp’s RampID solution. Contact your account manager to enable your bidder to receive.
API Report

Technical Support for DSPs

To get started with the API Report, submit a ticket to Account Manager Support. You’ll receive both an api token and a dsp ID code, as credentials, must be stored in private and secured storage.

Request data

    curl --request POST \
        --url \
        --header 'Accept: application/json' \
        --header 'Content-type: application/json'


start_date string The start date from which the reporting information is gathered. It must be before or equal to present date.
end_date string The end date from which the reporting information is gathered. It must be after or equal to given start_date param.
api_token string Your api token, received by Account Manager.
dsp_id string Your dsp ID code, received by Account Manager.

JSON Example

        "start_date": "YYYY-mm-dd", 
        "end_date": "YYYY-mm-dd", 
        "api_token": "your_user_api_token", 
        "dsp_id": "your_dsp_id"

Returning Data

Json Example:

        "date": "2021-11-26",
        "ad_requests": "5014070",
        "ad_responses": "456196",
        "auction": "4512663",
        "paid_impressions": "426196",
        "revenue": "494.9500"